brush lettering on roll of craft paper
Learn Brush Lettering in 3 Easy Steps

Beautiful penmanship can make such a difference on a handmade object, whether that’s a chalkboard, organization station, gift tag or birthday card.

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Shabby chic bedroom dresser with DIY botanical prints, vintage children’s clothing and fresh spring bouquet
Simple Spring Styling for Your Farmhouse

Styling for spring can be simple and subtle with a few touches to your main spaces. Here are a few simple ways to style for spring.

10 DIY Pallet Wood Projects

Have you ever worked with pallet wood before? Here are some ideas to get your pallet wood projects going for your next DIY.

shelf containing rae dunn pottery
Collecting Rae Dunn: Everything You Need to Know

The Rae Dunn craze has swept the farmhouse community. Here’s a bit more about this pottery, and how you can start collecting it yourself.